CU of water droplet on rose. Taken some years ago with an older Canon Rebel with an attachment on the lens.
Bottom Left
Our living room during a snow storm.
Siberian Iris and water drops
Taken with a Canon 5Megapixel point and shoot with a closeup filter on the lens. My shadow can be seen in the big water drop!
TOP LEFT: Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez pitches high and inside to Seattle Mariner Hall of Famer Edgar Martinez in a game in 2001. 
BOTTOM LEFT:  Matt Hasselbeck warming up before a Seattle Seahawk home game.
TOP RIGHT: Ichiro Suzuki at bat for the Seattle Mariners
BOTTOM RIGHT: Double rainbow taken with an iPhone out our back door.
TOP LEFT: Inquisitive cat.
BOTTOM LEFT: A-6 Intruder of VA-35 refuels another A-6 Intruder of VA-35 at 25,000 feet over the Red Sea off the USS Saratoga CV-60.
TOP RIGHT: Playing with existing light and chicken fat!
BOTTOM RIGHT: "BEAR IN THE YARD!" Well, not really. Our next-door neighbor had shot this bear in the backyard of his prior home and had it mounted.